January 21, 2018

About EM

EM-power Tourism Solutions was established to enables and inspires tourism stakeholders to work collaboratively towards a sustainable economy.

Who is EM?

EM là Chi Nguyễn. (I am Chi Nguyen). Hanoi born. Went to Hanoi-Amsterdam school. Currently Amsterdam resident. Lived, studied, worked and researched in different lands in between, including Vietnam, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

Bachelor’s degree in Agri-business Management at Hanoi University of Agriculture, Vietnam affiliated with University of Wisconsin, Madison, United States. Master of Arts degree in Tourism Destination Management, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands.

Started and consistently enriched tourism background since 2011 in academic learning and practical experiences EM has worked with many clients in the tourism industry including a tour operator, non-profit organization, business association, international sustainability certification scheme, the first national-scale sustainability project in Vietnam funded by the EU called Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Programme (ESRT). EM’s past and present portfolio includes Vietnam Responsible Travel Club, Travelife for Tour Operator, Footprint Travel, Sisters Tours, EVIVA Tour, Indochina Junk, …

EM is an experienced coach and internal auditor for Travelife for Tour Operators Sustainability Management System, a GSTC accredited international sustainability certification scheme.

Interested in EM’s full resume? Check out EM’s LinkedIn and connect!

Why EM?

Because tourism matters.

And EM helps to do the math for businesses and organizations involved in tourism to maintain and increase these numbers in the long run.

EM is an experienced facilitator and trusted advisor to the clients. As an external consultant, EM strictly values and guards confidential client data. EM’s passion is to help businesses and organizations of all sizes to make better decisions today and to better prepare for growing sustainability challenges tomorrow.

EM endeavours to empower the ecosystem and corporate leadership in the tourism industry by providing actionable insights, applicable ideas and solutions for YOU: tour operators, hotels, restaurants, transports, airlines, local authorities, governments, non-profit organizations to acquire sustainable profits and drive tourism towards sustainable outcomes.

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