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Sustainability makes you so far ahead

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Sustainability consulting

To consult and provide strategic solutions to implement sustainability standards from internationally recognized certifications in in a time- and cost-effective manner.

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Sustainability audit & report

To conduct a transparent reporting of your sustainability performance and an external assessment of your sustainability implementations verses your business master plan to ensure sustainable profit.

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To deliver independent research and practical strategies by combining academic knowledge and experiences for the most feasible & effective impact.

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To exchange knowledge and stimulate thinking of sustainability practices in different segments to inspire and drive change inside companies, within value chains, across markets and through systems.

Em helps you to go so far ahead

EM-power tourism towards sustainable growth

EM endeavors to empower the ecosystem and corporate leadership in the tourism industry by providing actionable insights, applicable ideas and solutions for YOU: tour operators, hotels, restaurants, transports, airlines, local authorities, governments, non-profit organizations to acquire sustainable profits and drive tourism towards sustainable outcomes.

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